What Damon Green advises caddies and players


What do players have to be great at coming down the stretch with a chance to win? 


Damon Green advises players and caddies by answering my question, What do players have to be great at coming down the stretch with a chance to win? His expertise as a player and caddie gives us a bonus look at what caddies can do. Click to watch my interview with him at the CJ Cup in Congaree.


What should you let the caddie do?


Listening to Damon Green, we see he let Zach Johnson focus on his process and pre-shot routine at The Masters. His role made him a ‘nervous wreck’, but he was able to give Zach the mental space he needed to focus and win. 


I love that my tip to Damon about being aware of Zach’s pace of walking that Sunday was well received. If you’ve listened to Keegan Bradley talk to me about what he learned from Tiger Woods, you’ll also note how he talks about his gait and pacing too. 


What to focus on to win golf?


While Damon’s strategy allows players to focus, the player also has to be able to understand their game and what exactly to focus on.  


My advice to players is that ultimately you have to regularly work on your on-course thinking process, your practice and preparation, and your off-course mental foundation to prepare to win. How exactly this fits together will be different for everyone and you can fine-tune what you need to do, just like the pros do. 


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