How To Win Golf Coming Down the Stretch with a Chance to Win


Keegan Bradley tells us how to win at a golf tournament.


My student Keegan Bradley talks to me after his win at the Zozo Championship, and I pose a question I have been asking professional golfers and caddies. What do players have to be great at coming down the stretch with a chance to win? 


When you watch the video, it is clear that Keegan is attributing winning to mental practice. To play like it is a “Thursday,” as Keegan says, is possible when you work on your mental practice, as we have done. 


What he learned from Tiger Woods.

When Keegan Bradley talks about Tiger Woods and how his gait never changed throughout the last 36 holes he played with him, I hope you agree this is also about mental practice. How to win golf is connected to how you prepare yourself mentally! 


The video gives insight into Keegan Bradley's and Tiger Woods's practices. When players walk a little faster and nervousness is winning, these players have learned how to stick to their process and routine and ultimately win. 


To win at golf takes mental preparation.


There is no denying that to win at golf, it is worth working on your mental practice. The Score Better Video Program is a program for golfers who want to improve their mental game and is available to everyone. The great thing is good thinking improves everyone's game. So if you want to THINK BETTER to SCORE BETTER, join Keegan and the rest of my students.