Learn To Win

Dr. Mo has helped his clients achieve a combined 31 PGA Tour victories including 4 majors, over 300 amateur wins and 2 NCAA championships!

Want to think like these guys?

With the help of Dr. Mo,


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Think Better than you ever have

Do you like competing?

Are you tired of wasting shots because of your thinking or your nerves?

Want to change that this year?

Dr. Mo will help you learn to think better so you can


In the Score Better video program, you'll learn how to improve every aspect of your golf game without focusing on technique or mechanics, but rather by learning how to excel at managing your thinking.

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You can

Learn to WIN!

Transform your game with the help of sport psychologist Dr. Mo and his Score Better video program.

Maximize Your Performance

Dr. Mo's

Score Better video program

will help you maximize your performance in these 3 areas:
On-Course Thinking, Practice & Preparation and Off-Course Thinking.

Watch these videos below as an example of the content you’ll receive in the course! Some phones may need to turn horizontal to play video in full screen.

Score Better System Outline
Score Better Video Outline
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Your Instructor

Meet Dr. Mo

Dr. Morris Pickens or “Dr. Mo” as his clients affectionately call him, is a Sports Psychologist specializing in competitive performance enhancement.

He coaches athletes and business professionals to learn how to Choose Success and reach their highest potential.

He does this by helping athletes and leaders

  • Think more effectively regarding the challenges they face
  • Practice more productively based on their strengths and weaknesses
  • Implement specific strategies to manage specific competitive situations

If you are ready to...

Find the root cause 

Learn the reasons behind why sometimes you play well and sometimes you play poorly.

Understand stats like never before

Stats only tell you where the ball went, now understand why the ball went there

Practice more efficiently

Quit just “going to the range”. Learn how to maximize your practice time so it transfers to the course!

You're ready for the

Score Better video program.

What's Inside

Dr. Mo is ready to help you

Score Better

than you ever have before!

The Score Better video program includes

  • 140+ insightful video lessons: Bite-sized modules packed with practical exercises and actionable tips.

  • 4 in-depth video guides: Dive deeper with comprehensive explanations and expert insights you’ll want to revisit over and over.

  • Exclusive access to a library of curated articles and podcasts: Stay on top of the latest mental game strategies and golfing trends with expert-chosen resources, perfect for supplementing your video learning.

Plus the BONUS Content:

Score Better System Outline

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Score Better Video Outline

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Articles from Dr. Mo

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Podcasts from Dr. Mo

Sample Podcast

Enjoy a 24-month learning journey with lifetime access to the entire program. Choose the payment option that best suits you:


Spread the cost over 6 months with affordable monthly payments of $100 


Save 20% with a one-time payment of $500

One Time Payment ($500)
6 Monthly Payments ($100)
Buy as a Gift ($500)

Clients share the specific improvements Dr. Mo and the Score Better 

video program has had on their game.

Isn't it time to up your game?

Dr. Mo teaches a unique combination of mindset + preparation that will help you Score Better.

This isn’t about your swing or technique. This is about helping you think better so that you can score better.

Save 20% with a one-time payment of $500

One Time Payment ($500)
6 Monthly Payments ($100)
Buy as a Gift ($500)