What's Inside

Dr. Mo's


System Outline

I. On-Course Thinking

The 4rs process to manage your thinking: How to truly play one shot at a time

  1. refocus
  2. routine
  3. react
  4. relax

    = Results

II. Practice & Preparation

A. Shot Allocation

B. Cost of Mistakes

C. 4-hour Example

D. Left & Right Side Practice

E. On-course practice

F. Practice rounds for competition

III. Off-Course Thinking

A. Managing the Negative

  • Sleep
  • Hydration
  • Taking Care of your Crap
  • Not engaging in (-) Self Talk

B. Positive Mental Preparation

  • Keys/Controllable Actions
  • Written somewhere so available to you on the course
  • Visualization
  • Self Talk

C. Perspective

  • How to view golf
  • Short-term vs. long-term perspective

D. Persona

  • Casual & Confident
  • Bulldogs, Surfers & Chess Players
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