Seeking God's Glory: A Journey of Faith on the Golf Course

Golfer looking up to the light in the sky. Text reads Seeking God's Glory: A Journey of Faith on the Golf Course


In 2009, I wrote a book called "Learn to Win: One Shot at a Time," which focused on the process of managing one's thinking in golf. Over time, I realized that the same process could be applied to other areas of life, particularly in my faith journey with Jesus Christ. This realization led me to write "The Winning Way in Golf and Life" in 2014, where I explored the parallels between golf and faith. As a result, I developed a study guide to go with the book (but it can be used as a stand-alone study guide as well) called "Faith Study Guide," which provides a detailed understanding of what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and how it relates to glorifying God (at least from my point of view). In this blog, I will introduce you to this study guide and invite you to embark on a journey of seeking God's glory both on and off the golf course. 


Understanding Glorifying God


The study guide begins by delving into the historical context of glorifying God. In the Old Testament, the concept of glory was associated with the weightiness and seriousness of God's presence. It involved acknowledging God as the source of all glory and strength. The New Testament presents a shift in perspective, emphasizing that God's glory now resides in people, specifically believers who have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. It is through the words and actions of our lives that others can witness God's glory and hopefully be compelled to investigate what having a relationship with Jesus Christ really means.


The Call to Glorify God


As believers, we are called to glorify God and not ourselves. This call challenges us to focus on something greater than our own desires and ambitions. It requires us to surrender to God's will and seek His glory in all aspects of our lives. However, knowing how to glorify God and shifting our focus from ourselves can be very challenging. We often find ourselves caught up in worries, concerns, and distractions that hinder our ability to glorify Him consistently and effectively.


The Process of Glorifying God


To refocus our attention and glorify God, I propose a process rooted in the teachings of Jesus. The first step is to make a decision to seek the Lord daily, actively desiring to obtain a deeper relationship with Him. Seeking God requires commitment and love, not just discipline. It is about clinging to Him, not to material possessions or worldly achievements. This commitment is demonstrated through earnest and unwavering faith, stretching out our hands in prayer, and persistent effort.


If, like me, you too can resonate with the struggle of shifting your focus from yourself to glorifying God, I invite you to join me on this journey. The "Faith Study Guide" offers a comprehensive study of the process of glorifying God, helping you deepen your relationship with Him and live a life that reflects His glory. Whether you are a golfer seeking to apply these principles on the course or someone navigating the challenges of everyday life, this guide can hopefully provide valuable insights and practical steps.


To access the "Faith Study Guide," click here. Take the first step toward seeking God's glory and discover how it can transform your life, both on and off the golf course. Let us embark on this journey together and experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from glorifying God in all we do.


As C.S. Lewis beautifully stated, true happiness and peace can only be found in God Himself. So, let us refocus our attention, seek His kingdom, and glorify Him with every aspect of our lives.