How to overcome your negative thoughts on the golf course

Golf ball in a hand with okay hand sign with text saying it's okay to have negative thoughts

Let’s be honest, you will have negative thoughts on the golf course, and I’m not here to tell you not to because that is unrealistic. Overcoming your negative thoughts on the golf course is not about completely eliminating them. That is impossible! It is about how you manage them.

It is completely natural to have negative thoughts. 

Every time you play golf, expect yourself to have negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts are not a problem if you know where to have them and where not to have them.

So, where should you have your negative thoughts?

Well, if you have them behind the ball, in the decision-making phase, then they’re helping you actually get ready to hit that shot. After this, you should create a clear separation between the decision-making phase and the preparation of executing that shot (your routine). Then you can focus on what you can control.

The difficulty you may have is creating the space between decision-making and preparation. The good news is our mind is a muscle that can be trained, so you can train how you manage your preparation (i.e. what you think during your routine) to your advantage. 


To overcome the impact of negative thoughts affecting your performance, create a clear separation between the decision-making phase, where you can let your negative thoughts actually help you with course management and then move into your preparation and execution. This way, once you start walking into the ball, you will focus on specifically where TO hit the ball (not where NOT to hit it) and what you can control (tempo, posture, alignment, etc) that will allow you to hit the ball where you want to and thus, SCORE BETTER. 

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