Lower your golf score with this comprehensive exercise


Golf is a sport that requires a combination of skills, including physical and mental abilities. While practice is essential for improving one's golf game, it's vital to target the specific areas that can lead to a lower score. Roughly 82% of your scoring comes from tee balls, wedges, short game, and putting combined. To help you achieve those lower scores, I have some fun practice videos that work on these four parts that make up the bulk of your scoring.  


Lower your scores by exploring this comprehensive exercise, which focuses on incorporating the four major parts of the game - tee balls, wedges, short game, and putting. The game is called “Drives and 5’s” and it will not only improve your ball-striking skills but also help you make smarter decisions on the course. By the end of these videos, you'll have a better understanding of how to approach your scoring shots and the tools to lower your golf score.


Remember, repetition leads to retention, so keep practicing. If you want to make even more progress The Score Better Video Program is the most comprehensive video program that gives you the ultimate mental practice to lower your golf scores. 


Let’s start with your first video of the “Drives and 5s” series.


Fun Exercise to Lower Your Golf Score


When playing Drives and 5s,  you start off by hitting two tee balls. 


1 Two Tee exercise

In this game your score will be either:


A Fairway 0 

B Rough 1 

C Anywhere else 2


Have a go and bookmark this page so that you can repeat this game to retain the exercise.


2 An Exercise For Your Wedges


You’re still playing Drives and 5s but next you’ll play one wedge and one up and down (from the tee balls you picked up; you are NOT hitting approach shots from the tee balls). Your score will be the total number of strokes for the wedge and then the up-n-down.

3 Execute Your Short Game Shot


This is the third aspect of Drives and 5s.

4 Putting Practice For Lower Scores


You made it to the final part of the game and once both balls are in the hole (from the wedge approach and the short-game approach), you will have the total number of strokes for these two shots and be able to total your score.

This is a great way for you to work on the scoring aspects of your game. The Drives and 5s game provides a fun and challenging way to practice tee shots, wedges, short game, and putting, which are essential for success on the course.


Once you have your score, don’t stop there. Repetition is key to improving your game, so it's a good idea to bookmark this page and repeat this game regularly. I encourage my Tour and college players to play this game 8 times per month. 


To give you an indication of what’s possible, anything in the 30s is a great score but I’ve only seen three people ever shoot 35 and they all play on the PGA tour. So, that gives you an idea of what can be achieved, now have fun and enjoy lowering your score, whatever that score may be.


The Score Better Video Program is the golf course for those looking to take their game to the next level, with complete mental practice tools to help golfers achieve lower scores.


Overall, these exercises and resources offer a comprehensive approach to improving your golf game mentally. By focusing on the areas that matter most for scoring, golfers can work towards achieving their goals and becoming more confident on the course.