How Golf Process Helped Keegan Bradley Win


Golf process was Keegan Bradley’s focus when playing the Zozo Championship and winning. “Every round that I go out now, that’s my main focus is my process.” In our interview, he describes how he was much calmer because of preparing the night before. 


Why focus on your golf process?


The calmness that Keegan Bradley describes comes from working on what you can control. Otherwise, your mind can drift to potentially negative outcomes, and while these outcomes are imaginary, this results in tension and anxiety, which impacts performance. 


Winning means winning the mental game.


The thoughts you have, directly impact how you play. So when players like Keegan Bradley talk about focusing on their process, they have created a mental process to win. Keegan points out that a big help was being unaware of what the other players were doing and just playing and being with his caddie. 


Coming down the stretch at the Zozo Championship, he didn’t play perfect golf and made mistakes, but it never got him ‘frazzled,’ and while he focused on his process, he was winning the mental game, and he played the 18th hole perfectly and was able to tap in the win.


How do you work on the golf process?


Now you know you should work on your golf process. The question is, how? Keegan Bradley is a student of mine, and to improve his golf, we work together through on-course, preparation and practice, and off course thinking. These are lessons that go beyond, you hit it good, or you hit it badly. They look at what’s behind you, scoring well or poorly, so that you can SCORE BETTER.


Good thinking benefits every golf player.


Should you work on your golf process? Absolutely! Good thinking is good thinking, and it helps you to SCORE BETTER at whatever level you play. You benefit from a program that focuses on your process and you enjoy playing more.  The Score Better Video Program takes you to mentally being able to SCORE BETTER, and the first month is free so that you can see how it feels.