Best Online Golf Course for Better Scores - student proof that anyone can improve

Best Online Golf Course Student Proof

Spoiler! This is what my students say about their progress. There’s nothing like hearing from actual students that are enrolled in the online course. 


Having coached players who have won 29 PGA Tour events, I know what it takes to score better and I wanted to create an online instruction course that made improving your mental game affordable, accessible, and enjoyable because mental practice is fundamental to scoring better. 


To construct the best online mental instruction course I built a program where I could continually work with players so that they continue to improve just like Zach Johnson, Keegan Bradley, and others who you’ll learn about below. 


What’s exciting about The Score Better Video Program is this program is for anyone who wants to improve. While you may never be able to hit it like Rory McIlroy, anyone can learn how to think like the best players in the world. Whether you’re already a pro or an absolute beginner, you can receive all the benefits of improving your thinking through The Score Better Video Program. 


The best way to tell you about what’s possible is by letting my students tell you about their progress. 


Catie improved her personal golf record


Catie has not only improved her career low round but her routine feels easy too!


“Just wanted to say in my last two college tournaments I took T4 and then just won individually! I shot my personal record of a 67 today and shot 78,71 the days before. What you taught me has helped so much! I am continuing to watch the online lessons and my routine feels so easy.”


Having a solid golf routine that is “easy” is a win! What Catie humbly didn’t mention is all the work she put in to make her routine “easy”. This results in better scores because of the commitment Catie makes to both her physical practice and her online lessons and if she continues, she’ll keep seeing the results


Hank had his best tournament finish


“I’ve been listening and watching your videos leading up to a tournament his week and it helped my game tremendously. My swing I feel like has always been there but when I would have a bad hole or something would go wrong, I would get angry and sometimes carry that anger on for a hole or even the entire round in some cases.” 


What Hank describes is common but with solid mental practice you can overcome it, and he did. 


“I focused on the things I could control, and couldn’t control, and the result was my best tournament finish in an SJGT, 75-76. Thank you for all you have done and helping me improve.”

Are people enjoying the online golf course?


I wanted to create an online golf course that students enjoyed and whenever I see a student revisiting a lesson and making good use of the app, I’m reminded of how I can reach more students than I ever could before. My private students even have the online course so that they can train with me when I’m on tour or they can’t get to me. 


Dev affirmed that the videos are doing what they’re meant to do. “Dr. Mo, I’m on month 2 but I keep coming back to this video because it’s brilliant…This is a great video, super practical way to vary practice range sessions to recreate on-course situations.”


Robin, a senior golfer wins after lessons


My course is focused on your mental practice, which directly impacts your scores. Robin commits to the exercises and makes the same shifts in his golf performance that the pros make. 


“Tell your subscribers it works! Just won a super senior 4-ball. Had 5 birdies. Your stuff is great.”

Toaty feels he could've been a pro golfer with my lessons


Toaty Brandvold is another senior golfer winning after taking these lessons. 


“Since I have worked with Dr. Mo I have won 4 Senior Club Championships. The senior PNGA Championship, and PNGA Team Championships twice, along with several smaller events…Mental game instruction from Dr. Mo is the single most important thing I ever did for my game. I knew how to play. Dr. Mo taught me how to win. If Dr. Mo was instructing 50 years ago you might even recognize my name.”


I’m pleased to know that Toaty, like many other students, can improve his game, even though we’ve never met in person. The success students have realized, shows that it’s never too late to work on scoring better and if you’re not, what are you doing out there? Toaty may be right (about you knowing his name) but having an online golf course wouldn’t have been possible 50 years ago and I’m just happy that I’m now able to reach more players in an accessible and affordable way. 


Best online golf course for improving your game


This course is about mental practice which the pros use to win, but there is no reason that you can’t too. Don’t underestimate the power of incorporating mental practice into your overall preparation.


Taylor, a 17-year-old female high school player, attests to how powerful incorporating consistent mental practice is. 


Working with Dr. Mo has helped my game the most out of everything I have done. He taught me how to establish a consistent routine and commit to it every single shot, every single day. I have also learned so much about what should be going through my mind when I am on the golf course: Refocus, Routine, React, Relax. These four R's have helped my game and my scores more than anything.”


Players can be shocked, as Taylor was, by how much they can improve.


“I did not realize how much of an impact the mental game and the little things on the course can play into the final result before working with Dr. Mo but now I am not only much happier with how much he has improved my practice sessions and my on course practice but also my mindset."


And we commonly learn lessons that transcend the golf course.


“Although my scores have improved rapidly from working with Dr. Mo, I would say that the biggest takeaway I have had is to be patient with myself. Dr. Mo has taught me that every bad shot is an opportunity for a great one and it is because of him that I truly believe that statement. Working with him has brought much more consistency in my game through my routine and my thoughts on the course."


Best online golf course to make progress


All players want to see progress and that’s what working on your mental practice gives you. Kevin Shea ex- Managing Director of Goldman Sachs found that when he made progress this also brought the fun back into his game.


“Before the lessons, I was spending a lot of time practicing but not seeing progress.  In fact, I was going backward.  My short game was unreliable and my confidence in my ability and process was compromised. The course and time with Mo have been enormously helpful and have brought the fun back into the game and the learning process itself.  I know what to do and how to do it and importantly I know what not to do!  Self-talk and other sloppy habits have been replaced with solid fundamentals and a rock-solid checklist for performance.”


Best online golf course to complement your physical practice


While working on your physical game is important, mental practice complements and even accelerates your progress. Mark Wachter - President of Rockford Solutions recognized how he needed the mental skills to progress. 


 “Before working with Dr. Mo, I was struggling with stringing good holes together and thus carding good scores.  My physical skills had improved tremendously but I didn't have the mental game to compliment the physical game. The biggest difference is the pre-shot routine we developed allows me to focus on the process of the shot at hand and not the result of the shot or the outcome of the hole.  This allows me to string more good shots together, more good holes together, and post lower scores.  Thanks, Doctor!”


The Score Better Video Program is an online golf course that has helped countless golfers improve their game. The program focuses on improving your mental game, which is essential to scoring better, and is accessible, affordable, and enjoyable. The progress of the students is a testament to the effectiveness of the program. From improving their personal golf record to having their best tournament finish, the program has enabled the students to develop a solid pre-shot routine and overcome mental challenges that can affect their game. The program is designed to help all golfers, whether they are beginners or professionals, improve their thinking and ultimately score better. The online course has made it possible to reach more players and is a great way to incorporate mental practice into your game, just like the pros.


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