Vanderbilt's Head Coach, Scott Limbaugh, on What Golfer's Need to Excel

Scott Limbaugh Vanderbilt's Men's Head Coach

Catch an exclusive interview with Scott Limbaugh, the esteemed Men's Golf Coach at Vanderbilt University. This informative and insightful conversation took place at Sea Island Golf Club, where we delved into the intricacies of recruiting top talent and nurturing their development. As a highly respected coach in the golfing world, Limbaugh provided valuable insights into what it takes to excel at the collegiate level and produce All-Americans.


As I picked his brain, we explored three key questions that shed light on the recruitment process, player differentiation, and the qualities that set All-Americans apart. With a keen eye for more than just "good scores," Limbaugh revealed the additional factors he considers when evaluating potential recruits. He shared his belief that coachability, accountability, and leadership skills are paramount in identifying promising young golfers. While he identified these as great questions, he has top-notch answers which reveal what he looks for and what makes a player thrive in competition.


Moving beyond the recruiting stage, Limbaugh highlighted the differences between players who thrive at the collegiate level and those who stagnate or regress once they enter college. Drawing on his wealth of experience, he revealed the key ingredients that contribute to continued growth and success throughout a golfer's college career.


Furthermore, we dove into the topic of All-Americans, a distinction earned by the best of the best. Limbaugh offered invaluable insights into the qualities and attributes that set these elite players apart from their talented peers who have not reached the same level of recognition.


Join us as we delve into the world of college golf and gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to recruit, develop, and nurture exceptional talent. Scott Limbaugh's expertise and wisdom are sure to provide aspiring golfers, parents, and fans alike with valuable lessons and inspiration along the way.


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